Awaken happy arts fair


We anticipate that this will be an amazing event, with 30 exhibitor booths and offering free lectures throughout the day. You are invited to participate as an exhibitor or practitioner and showcase your work to the hundreds that are expected to attend.

We will be advertising extensively in local and regional publications. It is the perfect event for all serious spiritually-minded artists and authors.

What kind of vendors are sought?

Spiritual artists whose work raises the vibrations of their customers

Spiritual authors whose books educate, illuminate and uplift readers.

Metaphysical advisors and healers

Why do you want to sign up for this fair?

  • This is a premier event for artists and authors who want to make others happy with your creations.
  • It's time for a fair that pulls together the creative and the spiritual and you want to be part of the energy.
  • It will be well advertised online (see below) and in print (Natural Awakenings and Sheperd Express).
  • Find new buyers for your products and services at a fair like no other
  • Printed program will be provided for visitors to keep.
  • Signs will advertise outside the building and on the road.
  • Easy setup with ramp for carts. Building open 2 hours before the event for set up. Can share with a friend or request to be near a friend.
  • I will promote at my art fairs this summer.
  • I am a successful show promoter and veteran of many art shows.
  • Exhibitors may share a table/booth with eachother to cut costs. Each exhibitor must present an application to participate.
  • Artist and author board to make this new event the best it can be.
  • Any authors who wish to share a table, please contact me.
  • Exhibitors will be offered the opportunity to provide free samples or a coupon for the first 20 visitors. This is a great promotion opportunity.
  • Contact me with your questions.

Half Sheet Flyer for Promotion of Event. (pdf)

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Thank you for wanting to apply.

Please contact me if you are interested.